Coliving El Jou: Space and Time

Yes, it’s a catchy-slash-pretentious title. But it follows the sense of our old motto: “El Jou, Time and Silicon Artisans”. His creator was Pedro Acebillo, who also is the builder of El Jou as it is today. It was 1995, and we were hearing about the New Technologies of Information and Comunication. We read Toffler and Castells, and Stephenson and Gibson. Only dinosaurs talk of NTIC today, but back then, they were the hope of future. We did not dreamed in flying cars back then, we dreamed in a connected world, where urban and rural were the same thing, where you would work from home, where everybody had the same to start, because and information was power… Well, now the future is here and it is not quite what we thought it would be.  For instance, it’s a good thing rural and urban are not the same: they are complementary, they need each other… although some times the cities forget it.

Panorámica entrada restaurant

Anyway, we made a kilometer-long trench and had buried a few pairs of old fashion copper wires in order to have telephone, and that new think called Internet, and we naïvely thought we had to have a good server to throw to the world our web or whatever. That, and the stones we rescued from the old house -probably carved in the 17th century- and in the old mining fields, went for the “silicon” part.

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As for “time”, we have plenty. You know, in spanish the word “time” has two meanings: el tiempo is “the time”, but also “the weather”. So it was ironical that our first years here passed struggling with weather: snow, rain, cold and wind are harder in the mountain than in the city. Yes, everybody knows, but we were pixapins, a catalan word for the urban people in the rural country: a “pine-pisser”. Now, we show a barely conceiled grin when panic raises between the new “pixapins” as they watch a few snow flakes falling…

Later, entering the XXIth, we had to change plans, and we transformed our interpretation-studies-development center in a rural hotel. That’s the thing with plans, they never go well o bad, they just keep going. It is an odd rural hotel, full of art and space (wink-wink, nudge-nudge): of 4.500 square meters built, less than half are hotel rooms. The rest are dinning halls, study rooms, wedding halls, gym, kitchens (yes: two of them), living rooms, whatever rooms, cellars… So yes, we have space, both inside and outside the walls. We are pretty confident we will have room enough for everybody.

And we still have not said nothing about money…

El Jou, new space for coliving

This 2017 El Jou starts a new coliving project. We are looking for people who wants to live in a natural environment, one hour and half away from Barcelona, but connected to the world.

El Jou is a rural Hotel to the north of Barcelona, Spain, near the Pyrenees, at about 1.000 meters height above sea level. Originally designed as a center of studies for the local development, in 2003 was transformed in a 3* hotel, but preserving and adapting spaces originally intended to teaching and working.



El Jou is the name of both the state and the hotel. The state includes the hotel, 5 houses inhabited by workers and collaborators, an equestrian center, a vegetable garden… Actually, 150ha of forests, fields and meadows. El Jou is 125 km from the center of Barcelona, and about 40 km from Masella and Molina, de nearest ski resorts to Barcelona. The climate, then, is mountainous, temperate in summer, cold but dry in winter, living and always present in day to day. Snow is scarce, but usually present a couple of weeks (or days, if we are unlucky) of winter.

But then… El Jou is very big for a mountain hotel. Ocupation is very concentrated in weekends and holidays, and it’s hard to maintain all the premises when there is no ocupation. So we, staff, owners and collaborators of El Jou, will, this year 2017, start the long thought project of looking for a stable comunity living in the hotel.

There will be a transition, no less than 2 years, where some activities already scheduled will live together with the residents. Then…

More information about the facilities and prices in


El Jou, Integral

Català: integral.

1. Adj. Que comprèn absolutament totes les parts o tots els elements que pot tenir.

Castellano: integral.

1. Adj. Global, total.

English: integral.

Necessary and important as a part of, or contained within, a whole

Les Quadres del Jou empieza a gestionar, además de la hípica, el Hotel El Jou.

Les Quadres del Jou comença a gestionar, a més de la hípica, l’Hotel El Jou.

Les Quadres del Jou starts to manage, with the riding club, the Hotel El Jou.

1 de setembre de 2012

The previous popularity of the program among consortium applicants indicates that prospective students will be pleased that the school is, once editing and proofreading services again, part of our network, he continued.
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